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Face is a major part of our body which resembles how healthy you are and your lifestyle is. You need to take some necessary steps for its proper flawless look. But finding the right way to take care of your face is hard. You need not to spend a lot of money to keep a regular glowing healthy face.

There are various methods which are cost effective and best beauty tips with natural sources.

In this article we are about to share some of the important beauty tip secrets from beauty experts for your face.  

You should know what things are good or bad for your face before going to give it a try.

What is the beauty tip should I do before going to sleep?

How tired you are always remembering one thing, to remove all your make-up before hitting the pillow, because your skin requires breathing while you sleep but unfortunately even the light make-up can be the reason behind their suffocation. Any cream or powder you have applied to your face will clog the pores this will lead to blemishes or blackheads.

Though, if you don’t have or want a make-up remover to remove your make-up before going to sleep, you can use coconut or olive oil on a cotton pad and smoothly massage your face to remove the make-up and dirt.

Why is exfoliation important and their beauty tip for face?

Minimum once or twice in a week use exfoliation for your face. This will remove the outer layer where the dead skin is abundant.

The end result will be healthy glowing and brighter skin. For healthy exfoliation use walnut powder with yoghurt, the antioxidant in walnut will remove the dirt and improve youthful skin. 

Why has sunscreen always been its place in all beauty tips?

Always apply sunscreen cream or lotion with minimum SPF 15 to prevent both UVA and UVB rays coming from the sun. Either direct or indirect sunlight exposure will cause age spots, wrinkles, and other skin issues hence; you should protect your skin from the sunlight.

Be sure the sunscreen lotion or cream you are about to use shouldn’t contain noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic hence it will not block the pores on your face. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen protection even if it is sunny or cloudy. Use SPF 30 sunscreen when you are heading to a beach or any reflective areas like ice or snow.

What is an important beauty tip regarding diet?

Always be cautious while eating. Find fresh fruits, good amounts of protein, vitamins, and greens. A good amount of rich vitamin C and low sugar and fats will improve beautiful skin.

Make sure to consume less amount of sugar diet, this will maintain the right level of insulin, and improve the healthy nature of your skin. Avoid spicy and fermented foods, excess salt, fries, artificial flavour, and acidic fruits.

Can sweating improve beauty?

Doing exercise regularly improves blood circulation thoroughly in all parts of your body. Plus enhance the detoxification process which removes all the unwanted substrates from your entire body. We bet you that you will feel the glow on your face after a sweaty workout.

If you don’t have much time for all this then just take a few minutes’ walk around your residential area. Make sure you are off of the make-up before and after each workout. If you would like to take a walk, apply toner to keep your healthy beauty. Toner will reduce the oil secretion on your face. Then exfoliate after that gently apply olive oil or shea butter for moisturising your skin.

Best beauty tip for all skin types

Sleep well, it might sound crazy but many researches have been conducted over our sleeping cycle they concluded some of the greatest things among that sleeping enhance the person’s beautiful skin.

Make sure you are sleeping at least 8 hours at night. If you skip the proper night sleeping thing this will exhaust your skin just like you. Irregular sleeping cycles lead to sags and bags, this can be treated by applying honey on your face to calm and heal it naturally.

Always remember that you should wash your face before going to sleep and also you can use moisturiser before hitting the pillow. If your face is too dry you can use a mild cleanser which has no alcohol. After that apply a handful of moisturiser. The greatest way to get beautiful skin is to avoid using hot water which excessively dries your skin.

Effective beauty tip for dry skin

Drink enough water for a day or at least 8 glasses for a day to avoid dehydration. Plus eat fresh fruits, vegetables, which have a high quantity of water in them such as watermelon, orange, cucumber, strawberry, and grapes. Water hydrates your skin and prevents dryness.

Beauty tip to get rid of acne

We recommend that you wash your face thrice a day with gentle lukewarm water and gently massage your face in a circular motion. Make sure your cleanser contains alpha hydroxyl acid or beta hydroxyl acid.

Dry your face with pads after cleansing and use lotion which has benzoyl peroxide, because it’s antibacterial action effective against acne. Don’t ever pop your pimple, popping will lead to swelling, redness, and also scarring.

If you find any emerging pimple on your face, wash your face with rose water and place a cold green tea bag at that spot for at least 10 minutes. Plus if you are using specs or sunglasses make sure it is properly cleaned.

Natural beauty tip for super glowing face

We may live in modern times but still our ancestor’s advice is ringing in our ears when it comes to any beauty issues. Use natural scrub for lively skin which will also help your skin for breathing.

All your needs are available at your kitchen cabin, there is no need for any extra shopping for this natural face pack. ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder, 2 tablespoons of chick powder, a pinch of camphor, sandalwood, and for dilution you can pick either rose water, milk, or water.


Carry healthy lifestyle practice for healthy skin. Keep on a track with all your skin care routine, if anything feels amiss take a deep look over it or skip that and find a better substitute.  Everyone has their own beauty but not everyone cares about it. Make sure you really care for your skin and also eat healthy food for the beautiful skin.

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