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Every woman’s dream moment will be their wedding day but the bad nightmare is how best they will be going to present themselves. Most woman fright out about their wedding attires, weather is it suitable for that occasion, does their makeup be fine on place, weather their accessories are perfect match with the outfit and so on.

Here in this article we are about to help you to prepare well on your day of wedding. We are about to share the best beauty tips which you better take seriously than the other things.

Don’t ignore the importance of bridal skin and hair care if you are planning for your wedding this year. Start early for best and better results. We recommend you to spend some times to take care about your both inner and outer beauty still; we can understand that how busy you will be on the wedding preparation. To get a special glow all you need to do is spend some time following some useful beauty tips.  Wedding preparation without a beauty regime will always be incomplete.

What are the Wedding Skin Care Beauty Tips?

Bridal beauty tips before One year of marriage

Do you think one year before the wedding day is too early to start? Sorry, you are wrong. Some skin types such as dry patches, pigmentation, and tanning take a prolonged period to entirely cure.

Practice regular body massage

Our native Ayurvedic treatment gladly emphasised the mandatory treatment of treating skin with regular oil body massage to treat all types of skin problems. Do you want to provide the wholesome nourishment and deep relaxation to your body? Consider this oil massage. There is nothing that can give the best to your body than an oil massage.

For skin issues such as tanning and hyper-pigmentation you can go for 100% pure natural Ayurvedic oils treatment can be useful.

Try Jwalini for clear, soft, and smooth skin which will reduce skin itching and irritation.  For natural glowing skin and detanning body and face try Nalpamaradi Thailam is the best Ayurvedic treatment.

Best bridal beauty tip before six months of marriage

Six months from marriage is likely a less stressful time of your marriage plan but still it is a short period when it comes to the beauty regime, it is not too late to change your lifestyle to be a good and healthy one. There are a few beauty tips which will bring out the natural beauty of yours.

Get a good and peaceful enough night sleep

Every woman’s best wish when it comes to their face beauty is to get rid of the dark skin under their eye. We advise you to get an adequate amount of sleep during the night. Be sure you are getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep for each night. We kid you not; believe in our words when it comes to beauty tip.

Do you know when your body’s cells undergo regeneration and creation? Yes, the answer is at night time while you are sleeping, because the protein metabolism which intends into hormone’s synthesis, take place at night while you are in a deep sleeping state and also this helps your Central Nervous System (CNS) to be calm and take out their stress away from its reach.

So don’t ignore the good night sleep when it comes to your healthy and beautiful skin, hair, and stress-free mind.

Before going to bed, add a few drops of lavender oil in a handkerchief or any cotton cloth and keep it near to your sleeping area. This smell will help you to get a peaceful and stress free night sleep.

Start Doing Facials

At the wedding beauty regime 6 months is quite enough for getting regular monthly facials. Ensure your saloon professional does the patch test before introducing anything new on you.

Or do you have any issue with any certain product or ingredients you can best open talk about it to your saloon professional hence they can be aware and cautions while doing any facial.

But what do facials do to our face?

Every facial gives the finest cleansing and hydration which make your skin perfect for makeup.

Start practising a healthy diet

There is no doubt that whatever you eat will have an effect on your skin and hair. So the first step to take about the best bridal beauty tip is not about anything but what is the right diet for you. You can also get any health professionals specially a diet chart from a dietician is best. Our advice over this beauty tip regime is to gradually avoid taking white sugar and excess carbohydrate.

Eliminate munching or junks such as chocolates, chips, fries, sodas, or ice creams because these are the major culprit the reasons behind bloating and breakouts. Rather that practises a balanced diet which contains fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

Start drinking hydrates like coconut water, green tea, and lime water.

Make sure you are not doing any drastic change in your diet to lose your body weight because those diets will backfire and you will get more body weight after that. Don’t let your body starve, be sure you are providing all the essential nutrients to your body.

Bridal skin care beauty tip to follow 3 months of marriage

We are about to share some of the best bridal beauty tips that you should start following at least three months ahead from your wedding due date.

Start doing double cleanse at night

With regular and proper skin cleaning your best bridal skin care regime starts. Your skin experiences excessive damage due to all the dirt and pollution presence in your surroundings. It requires daily cleansing. Take care of your skin with regular and best cleansing procedures.

Get an entirely natural makeup remover which contains natural butter and oils, those are gentle but meantime entirely clean any dirt and makeup residues deposited in the pores of your skin. Best give it a try for a foam cleanser which is effective and also has no harsh compounds that will provide the essential moisture and nourishment to your skin.

You should go for a complete clean at least for a week.

Detox your skin with all natural products

Gradually reduce any chemical product which seems harsh over your skin before three months to your wedding. Instead move to all natural products that are best with no harsh chemicals. This is known as detox and we bet you that you will get a huge benefit from this process.

Exfoliation is an alternate method for detoxing your skin.

Over a period, all the dead cells sum up to accumulate and leave your complexions visibly dull and dead. If you have a chance to remove this build up you can get a fresh looking and beautiful skin. Initiate exfoliation with a mild scrub once in a week and increase further twice for a week. Make sure your skin is suitable for all the effort you are taking for it.

Bridal skin and hair care to start before 2 months of marriage

It right away slips away from your hand, when you are in a hurry. Be sure you are taking good care of your skin and hair for all time but not at any precise moment. Two months from the wedding is the time period for preparing your health.

Be hydrate

Stay hydrated however the situation is, drinking enough water for a day is mandatory. Drinking plenty of water is all enough to get a natural illuminating and beautiful skin. Also include water enriched foods like fruits. Improve the amount of in taking green vegetables and fruits. Herbal teas are also acceptable.

Don’t skin any skin care routine

Do not skip CTM, which stands for cleansing, toning, and moisturising double a day. Do apply night cream of face serum before hitting the pillow. Always use sunscreen before heading out.

The regular cleansing will support your skin to breathe without struggle, toning will help your skin pore to get tighter, and moisturiser will help your skin be soft and gentle, altogether will make your skin best for makeup at the time of your wedding.

Bridal beauty tips to follow 1 month before the wedding

Start doing face packs

We can get it that you have worked all these months to get the best look of yours but it is the crucial time when there are a lot of changes where you lose what you have made it through. Regular face pack will help your skin to retain the glow and beauty till now you have earned.

Stress management

Stress is the major cause of sudden breakouts and this will lead to lifeless dull skin. Put some effort into reducing the stress level that you are undergoing for a day. We recommend you to get a regular oil massage or scrub. Also meditate 10 minutes a day, either in the morning or at night.

Always find the best and natural way to manage your stress. Be positive and sure that your day is going to be best and memorable. If you are following the above beauty tips regularly, you are ready for your day


These are pre-bridal beauty tips both for your skin and hair. Having beautiful skin and hair is not just a one day thing. Make sure you keep practising all the healthy lifestyle, not just the fortnight of your wedding but a year before it. be on the track to keep your beautiful radiant skin and care for all times.

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