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People always want what they donโ€™t have. Having plumper and pinker lips is the great wish for everyone. You might own soft and fully developed lips but maintaining your lips hydrated and healthy is necessary.

Are you like others, still not soft, pink, and plump because of not giving a required attention for the skin on your mouth? Here in this article we are about to share the best beauty tips for lips. Read further to know them all.

1. Initial beauty tip for lip – Homemade exfoliate

Before you head to your bed, use the right amount of lip balm. In the morning after waking up, wipe off the dead cells or dry skin using a toothbrush or wet washcloth. Regular practice of this will improve the blood circulation in that area.

2. Easy lip beauty tip from homemade lip scrub

Use the mixture of white sugar, almond oil, and honey as the natural recipe for beautiful soft and pink lips. The sugar will remove the dry and dead skin from the lip, where sugar and honey will retain the moisture.

3. Drink enough water

Not drinking enough water will lead to dry skin. At least eight glasses of water is recommended for a day. This will help your body to get benefit from all the way which includes full grown lips.

4. Look at the back side of your lip balm

Not every beauty product is made alike, so then the lip balms. Lip balms with shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter are the best natural ingredients to prevent the damages caused due to excess heat and pollution. However, ingredients like camphor can easily dry out your lips. Make sure your lip balm contains no camphor.

5. Best beauty tip for softer lips apply vitamin E

Do you have a vitamin E capsule, simply you can apply it over your lips. Vitamin E improves blood circulation and helps your body to produce new cells, keeping your lips softer.

6. Effective beauty tip for lips scrub

Always go with berry scrubs, if it comes for strawberries which contain high amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C. This will be the best way to nourish your lip. Take a crushed strawberry, with that add some honey and olive oil which is the greatest beauty tip when it comes for beautiful and perfect lips.

7. Best lip moisturiser โ€“ Aloe vera

Do you have an aloe vera plant in your house? Are you wondering what this little spiny plant can be useful to you? Actually there are a handful of beauty tips which merely depend on aloe vera alone. Aloe vera gel has the soothing and healing power, helps your lips to appear at their best look. 

8. Best lip beauty tip – screen your lips from sun light

Everyone knows that sunlight has the potency to damage their skin but not everyone knows that same sunlight can damage their lips. Regular usage of SPF 15 or above, though, cloudy or cold days, assists your body in slowing down the rate of ageing. Your lips get damaged by the Ultraviolet (UV) coming from the sunlight. Always buy a lip balm with SPF. Once in every one hour reapply the lip balm to get your desired result. 

9. Lip beauty tip for lively lips

A few drops of lemon juice are all needed for your lips to appear soft and pinker. Simply apply a few drops of lemon juice on your lips and you will notice the changes more apparently. But be sure your lips are not dried or cracked to be subjected to this beauty tip because the citric acid in it will make your lips sting and make it worse to tolerate. 

10. Reduce your lips to get any chances of harmful chemical exposure

The reason for premature ageing is due to excessive exposure to polluted air, smoke, and chemicals. Also these things make your lips darker and drier. Smoking habits are the major reason behind faded lips. Better avoid smoking cigarettes and second-hand smoke; this will develop the colour of your lips. Also you can try to wear a scarf to cover up your lips when there are chances of excessive exposure.

11. Natural beauty tip for lip colour

Are you looking for a lip colour which is slightly reddish than your actual lip? Then you can consider this beauty tip that we are about to share with you. Try natural colour extracted from plants. They are irritation free and wonโ€™t dry up just like other lipstick coats. Juices of raspberry or pomegranate can add up the colour of your lips temporarily. You can directly apply these juices on your lips. 

12. Lip beauty tip โ€“ improve blood circulation with peppermint oil

Applying peppermint oil over your lips will help to improve the blood circulation. Also it gives out the cooling sensation which can soothe your lips from dryness. Blending peppermint oil either with almond oil or coconut oil will give you the best result.

13. Make your lips ready for lipstick

Lip colours are fine to reduce the damage caused to your lip by the sunlight exposure but still it requires some additional steps to make it better and prevent them from getting dry. Apply a few drops of coconut oil or almond oil with a cotton swab or brush on your lips before applying any lip colour. 

14. Remove your makeup before the pillow time

Your skin needs to breathe hence sleeping with makeup is not a wise option. This is also suitable for your lips, so remove all your makeup, even any sign of stains on your lips.  


Do you know what causes the hyper-pigmentation in your lips? There are actually numerous reasons but still few are worth considering. They are eating disorders, dry lips, iron and vitamin deficiency, injury, Addisonโ€™s disease, excessive sun exposure, tobacco smoking, medication, and other unfavourable lifestyle habits.

Many of these can be avoided with your willingness and yet others can be treated with homemade remedies. Keep one thing in your mind that each lip is unique with different colours.

Donโ€™t worry if your lips are not in the colour of your desire. Always look for healthy, smooth, softer, and hydrated lips.ย 

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