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The naturally beautiful skin is because of the sebaceous gland which produces sebum, an essential oil which gives the natural moisture and glow to your skin. Unfortunately this sebum is produced excessively for some who suffer with oily skin. Fat is the major component of sebum.

Sebum is helpful for your skin in the way of giving protection, moisture, glow and shiny, and healthy skin. But excessive amounts of sebum results in pore clogging and acne. This is due to genetics, hormonal changes, unhealthy lifestyle, or stress. Controlling this issue is a huge problem in the beauty industry.

Though, we are about to share the best beauty tips for oily skin. Without the necessity of going for expensive treatment, drugs, or any other therapies, you can get rid of this problematic oily skin with simple home remedies.

Regularly wash your face to prevent the oil look

Washing your face might sound simple but not every person with oily skin regularly wash their face. Are you struggling with oily skin? Daily wash your face twice to remove the oily appearance. Make sure you wash your face gently. Don鈥檛 use soaps with harsh chemicals or detergents. Use gentle soaps like glycerin soap.

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Effective home remedy for oily skin

Honey reserves a special place in every beauty tip. It is the finest remedy for skin problems. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, this will do wonders to oily and acne prone skin. As natural humectants it retains the moisture in your face but not the oil. You can directly apply honey on your face and neck. Let it be for about 10 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Oatmeal skincare beauty tip for oily skin

Inflamed skin will be calmed by oatmeal. Also oatmeal absorbs the excess oil away from your skin. Plus it acts as an exfoliate to remove all the dead skins from your face. It should be grinded well before using it on your face. It can be an ideal match with yoghurt, mashed fruits, or honey.


路         Mix 陆 cup of grinded oatmeal in a hot water to make a paste

路         Add 1 tbsp of honey

路         Gently massage the paste on your face and neck and let it be for 3 minutes before rinsing it away with lukewarm water

路         Pat dries your face gently

路         Or you can apply the paste on your face and neck and let it be for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it away with lukewarm water, and pat dry.

Use blotting papers for oily skin

Blotting papers doesn’t stop the sebaceous gland from secreting sebum but it removes excess oil from your skin. It will leave a shiny, greasy-free skin. This thin and small paper is inexpensive so you can be worriless to buy and use them for all seasons.

Egg while and lemon for oily skin care routine

Egg white and lemons are the ancestral remedy for oil skin. Each of the ingredients is believed to be pore tighter. Citrus fruits like lemon contain a high amount of citric acid which has the potential of absorbing the excess oil away from your face. Also some studies proved that lemon has an antibacterial activity. Though, it is not recommended for people with egg allergy.


路         Mix the 1 egg white with freshly squeezed 1 tbsp of lemon juice.

路         Apply this mixture thoroughly on your face and neck and let it be till it dries

路         Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry

Almond beauty tip for oily skin

Grounded almonds will do wonders like exfoliation, removing impurities, and absorbing excess oil away from your face.


路         Grind some amount of almond finely required for three tbs quantity

路         Mix 2 tbs of honey with 3 tbs of grounded almond

路         Gently apply the mixture all over you face and neck in a circular motion

路         Remove with lukewarm water and oat dry

Or you can use almond paste instead of grounded almond. Caution: it is not recommended for people with nut allergy.

Aloe vera beauty tip for oily skin

Aloe vera is fond of soothing skin burns and other skin related issues. It can cure the flaky skin which is caused by oily patches. Many beauty experts use aloe vera for treating oily skin. Before heading to sleep apply a handful of aloe gel and let it be till the morning.

But some people with sensitive skin endure allergic reactions for aloe vera, be aware before going for this beauty tip. For extra prevention use patch test, that is use a little amount of aloe vera on your forearm and let it dry for about 24 to 48 hours to check if you are allergic to it or not.

Oily skin treatment with tomatoes

Tomato has the right amount of salicylic acid, which is commonly known for its acne home remedy. Salicylic acid absorbs excess oil away from your face and unclogs the pores.


路         Take 1 tbsp of tomato pulp

路         Mix 1 tbsp of sugar

路         Apply this mixture gentle on your face and neck in circular motion

路         Let it be for about 5 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water, and pat dry.

Jojoba oil for oily skin

It might sound counterproductive, that using oil to remove oil. Fortunately jojoba oil is best known for its properties like treating oily skin, acne, and other skin related issues. It is believed that jojoba oil mimics sebum to reduce sebaceous gland in a way that enough sebum is there so no more production for a day.

Though, it has no valid proof. Still, studies found that the mixture of jojoba oil and healing clay improves the healing capability of your skin and also reduces oil secretion.


Use 2 to 3 drops of jojoba oil to gently massage your face and neck. Make sure your face and neck is clean and clear before going for a massage. Give a try for two to three days; if you are happy with its result then you can go further.  


You can鈥檛 prevent the oily nature of your skin if it is because of genetics or hormones. However, you can control it by eating the right food and practising a healthy lifestyle. Avoid foods with artificial sweeteners, fries, and processed foods.

You might try a heavy coating of cosmetics over your oily skin to hide it but keep this in mind that this will worsen the condition even further. You can give a try for home remedies, the above mentioned beauty tips for oily skin will be helpful for you. Stop right away if you find anything wrong with whatever skincare routine you are practising for a healthy skin.

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