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During pregnancy your entire body undergoes massive changes along with your skin and hair, all these because of the changes in hormones. You can’t live with your comfort, your favourite suit will not fit you, skin care treatment you were doing before pregnancy will no longer be an effective method.

But not all pregnant women face problems, even some pregnant women have beautiful radiant skin with these hormonal changes where others get only issues on their skin with these hormonal changes.

Here in this article we are about to share the best beauty tips to follow at the time of pregnancy.

Common pregnancy beauty tips – eat right and stay hydrated

Keep one thing on your mind; you are what goes inside of you. So keep a track over the amount of water you drink and foods you eat. Drink enough water for a day to keep hydrated, this will support your body’s cleaning process such as detoxification.

Eat fresh and colourful fruits and vegetables, this not only supports a healthy baby growth but also enhances your beautiful skin by reducing the dullness which is common for all women who are at the time of their pregnancy.  

Beauty tips to get rid of acne during pregnancy

Are you worrying about emerging acne at the time of your pregnancy? Don’t worry, we are here to help you to solve this issue. Wash your face twice a day with soap free cleanser. Maintain gentleness at the time of both washing and drying your face.

Avoid scrubbing and squeezing, which will worsen your acne. Using oil free moisturiser and make-up at the time of pregnancy is an effective beauty tip for pregnant women.

Best beauty tip for hair to follow during pregnancy

Keep the right amount of hair which requires less attention and maintenance. You can go for hair colouring, curling, or flat ironing is safe once after the first trimester but, before doing all these consult your doctor whether it is safe to use at that certain period of pregnancy.

Safest beauty tip for nails during pregnancy

At the time of pregnancy you might endure the fastest growing nails. This can be manicured and pedicured all by yourself regularly. Buy a hand and foot scrub, use warm water and a nail file.

Keep your feet and hands in warm water and shape your nails carefully. Warm water soaking will make your nails soft for cutting and shaping. We recommend you to go for red nail colour which lifts your mood up daily early morning.

Clothing beauty tip to follow at the time of pregnancy

At the time of your early second trimester you will endure most of your regular clothes going snug. At this time you should switch to maternity wear like a bit larger dresses. Make sure you are wearing only the clothes which are comfortable for but not the tight fitting one which leaves red marks over your skin.

Pregnancy beauty tip for face

Make it simple, most commonly pregnant women develop their own natural glowing face but if you’re the unfortunate one with dull and tired skin, don’t worry. Use a tube of concealer (similar to face foundation but with thicker and hidden age spots, blemishes, dark circles and more), apply a few quantities of pressed powder, eye make-up, and lipstick before heading out.

Teeth beauty tip to follow during pregnancy

Arising dental issues are most common during pregnancy. This might affect your baby’s birth weight. Brush twice a day and use doctor recommended toothpaste. Eat chewy meals and maintain good dental hygiene. Make sure you smile brighter at the time of your baby’s name day.

Things to follow at the time of pregnancy

At the time of pregnancy you shouldn’t do any hard exercises, at the same time you shouldn’t sit for the whole time. Take a few steps and walk around your residential area. Daily walking will improve the blood circulation throughout the body properly, how good your body’s blood circulation is, you will be fresh and awake. 

Make sure you are taking each step slow and steady without hast. An excessive sitting and standing result in back pain, so keep on walking slowly, whenever you find time.

Pregnancy beauty face tip from sun

During the time of pregnancy your skin goes too sensitive than usual this will lead to excessive sunburn. Every pregnant woman’s worry over this issue is that they shouldn’t go for common sunscreen because the compounds in it may be harmful to your baby. Consult your doctor for pregnancy friendly sunscreen products. You can also avoid the direct sun exposure by wearing big hats or carrying umbrellas. Always remember your safety comes first with other fun things.

Meditation and yoga for pregnant woman

Beauty links with fitness hence spend some valuable time for mild yoga exclusive for pregnant women and do meditation for mental peace. Maternal yoga once a day or a weekly practice will support your fitness. Also it promotes blood circulation which results in a healthy glowing face.

Pregnancy beauty tip to rid of stretch mark

Stretch marks are most common even if it is your first pregnancy or second. You can use cocoa butter cream right at the very time you are expecting, carrying on the process at the entire duration of pregnancy, which will suppress the marks. Also you can go for castor oil or aloe vera gel massage to dull the stretch marks.

Effective pregnancy beauty tip for best look

After all the beauty products and remedies, get adequate sleep at night. Our expert advice is that a minimum eight hours sleep at night time is mandatory. A good sleep will reduce the chances of developing puffy eyes and get rid of a shallow look. The best sleep will help your beauty from inside out.


The challenging period of womanhood is pregnancy. After all the things you can be chill and beautiful by following the proper food cycle, enough hydration, mild yoga, daily meditation, and a small walk as possible as it can be. The best thing overall is to keep smiling which increases your actual beauty all the time.

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