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Your kitchen may not be a chemist shop but still it has everything which is required for most cures for health or beauty related issues.

There are too many reasons for skin dryness, which starts from the thing you thought this is healthy, yes it is bathing to the cruel cold winters. While you age your skin starts to reduce its working efficacy, in that list reduced secretion of sebum is included.

For treating this dry skin you no need to visit a dermatologist but your kitchen. Natural remedies are always handy, safe, and inexpensive. You can use this at home with what is resting on your kitchen cabin.

Why should you go for natural remedies to treat the dry skin problem, if too many readymade products are available at the market?

More than thousands of skincare products are available on the market then why should you go with natural remedies? Consider a natural remedy which is pure and harmless with zero amounts of harsh chemicals. The ingredients resting on your kitchen cabin are not an active compound to instantly treat your problems still, will do wonders.

The artificial products contain preservatives, fragrances, alcohol, and other harsh chemicals which can be allergic to your skin or make it dry.

Always go for simple skincare, mainly for people with sensitive and allergic prone skin. Natural remedies contain pure water and other beneficial substrates which will be best on your skin.

How do natural remedies work on dry skin?

Our skin naturally produces oil, known as sebum for our skin protection, and locks moisture. Unfortunately our careless mistakes like skipping moisturisers or washing with harsh chemicals can wipe off the natural oil from your skin.

People free of acne problems are recommended to use oil for retaining their natural oil on their skin, which gives natural glow and protection. Unfortunately if you have acne-prone skin type, then you can go for tea tree oil.

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Natural beauty tips for dry skin

The best way to use oil is to splash some of your desired oil in a hot water bathtub. Natural remedies to treat dry skin are:

Avocado mask

Masking an avocado mask is the best choice to treat dry skin problems.


路         Take a half pureed avocado

路         Mix 1 tbsp of olive oil

路         Either you can add 1 tbsp of honey (recommended for very dry skin)

路         Apply the avocado mask over every inch of your face.

路         Let it be for about 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it away

You can obviously feel the moisture after using this mask, still if you wish you can apply some moisturiser over your skin for double moistening effect.

Soothe dry skin with olive oil

A best choice of natural oil to use over your skin is olive oil, which is a natural cleanser and moisturiser.


路         Just take few drops of adequate amount of olive oil on your clean hands

路         Gentle rub the oil all over your face

路         Cover your face with a damp, warm cloth over your face and leave it until it cools

路         After that wipe away the leftover oil

Olive oil is a best choice if it comes for cleansing; this doesn鈥檛 wipe the natural oil in your skin. Though, it will clean your skin well.

Calm dry skin with oatmeal soaks

Oat is an excellent soother for your skin. It supports your skin to restore the moisture through bathing.


路         Add a cup of oatmeal in warm bathtub water

路         Soak yourself in it until the water lose its warmness

Routine practice of this oatmeal soak will help your skin to naturally rehydrate.

How to make Natural scrub with olive oil and sugar?

Mixture of olive oil and sugar works as an excellent moisturising exfoliating scrub. With these two, you can also add essential oils like lavender oil which is a natural fragrance enhancer and it makes you relaxed.


路         Take a 陆 cup of sugar

路         Add 2 tbs of olive oil and mix well

路         Add lavender oil (optional)

路         Give a gentle massage over your skin

路         Rinse it well

路         Finally use moisturiser to lock the exfoliated skin

Best homemade exfoliator for dry skin 鈥搊atmeal and honey mask

Oatmeal is commonly known as a best exfoliator or mask over a dry skin.


路         Take 2 tbsp of oatmeal

路         Mix 1 tbsp of honey

路         Adequate amount of water

路         Rub the mixture directly on your skin

路         You can simple make it as an exfoliator and wash away

路         Or you can let it be for about 15 to 20 minutes for a soothing and hydrating mask effect.

We recommend you warm the mixture before using for a more effective result.

Coconut oil before hitting the pillow

Coconut oil will be solid at room temperature; you can use it as a natural and instant moisturising cream at any time. Apply a small amount of coconut oil over the skin where you found it really dry and required moisturiser. Also you can use this over chapped heels and hands. After applying it use socks or non latex gloves to intact the moisture.

Treat irritating skin with milk compressor

Milk is a natural anti-inflammatory property. Plus it has lactic acid, which can be used as a mild exfoliator.


路         Dip a clean cloth in a cup of cold milk

路         Place it on your skin where you sense the irritation and the dry spots at least for 5 to 10 minutes at each time.

This natural homemade remedy is specific for dry skin with irritating problems. Use cautiously over a part where crack is found because the lactic acid in milk can trigger irritation on those spots.

Aloe vera for dry and irritating skin

Aloe vera is a famous remedy for sunburn but it is also helpful for problems with seasonal dryness on your skin. It acts well over the redness and irritating skin, plus it is an excellent thing when it comes for ageing signs and acne breakouts. But make sure you don鈥檛 develop an allergic reaction after being subjected with aloe vera. Do a patch test before going for this remedy.


Make sure certain things to enjoy happy skin. They are: daily moisturising your skin, using skin-friendly products only, avoiding exposure with harsh chemicals, drinking enough water, and last but not least dress according to the weather.

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